Order of the Arrow Troop Representative

With the help of an OA Troop Representative, Troops and Chapters can support each other.

The OA Troop Representative is an appointed youth officer in the troop who facilitates communication between the OA Chapter and his troop.  The primary role of the OA Rep is to attend monthly chapter meetings, and share the information given at that meeting with the other Arrowmen in his troop.  An active OA Representative can help encourage more members of his troop to participate in the OA, and ensure that new scouts have the chance to be inducted each year.



Basic Duties of an OA Representative:

  • Reminds OA members in the troop of upcoming Chapter meetings, and encourages them to attend.
  • Attends monthly Chapter meetings, taking note of information to pass along to the troop.
  • Informs fellow Arrowmen of upcoming Lodge events and service projects.
  • Ensures that OA Elections and Camp Promotion happen in the unit every year, helping to make appointments with the Chapter election team.
  • Helps newly elected scouts get called out, attend an Induction Weekend, and attend their first Chapter meeting.
  • Reminds inducted OA members to pay their dues.
  • Assists eligible Arrowmen in earning Brotherhood.
  • Sets the example of the OA's spirit of Cheerful Service.

Full list of duties on the national website.