Proud History of Leadership and Service

The 1992 merger of San Diego County Council’s Ashie Lodge #436 and Desert Trails Council’s Pang Lodge #532, San Diego-Imperial Council’s Tiwahe Lodge #45 can be proud of its accomplishments during its history.  The lodge received an OA National Service Grant to build the deck at Silva Lodge at Mataguay Scout Ranch.  It has provided six Section Chiefs: Jared Lee, Bobby Brock, Kenny Bostwick, Joe Garcia, Ster Finely, and Tyler Ellison, and four Section Advisers: Dale Kincade, Mike Philbrook, Tim Malaney, and Tracy Schultze. 
Ted Cox served as the Supreme Chief of the Fire for the Lodge from 1992 until his retirement in 2001. Terry Trout served as the Supreme Chief of the Fire for the Lodge from 2002 until his retirement in 2013. Sean Roy is our current Supreme Chief of the Fire.

Year Lodge Chief Lodge Adviser Staff Adviser
2022-2023 Nolwenn S Christopher Cervantes Melissa Lardie
2022 Gabby M Christopher Cervantes Melissa Lardie
2021 Collin S Christopher Cervantes Melissa Lardie
2020 Logan V Kevin Burg Derek Hartley
2019 Patrick Laff Kevin Burg Derek Hartley
2018 Ajay Kumar Kevin Burg Derek Hartley
2017 ​Johnathan Ninteman Bob Dixon Derek Hartley
2016 Brian Babbe Bob Dixon Derek Hartley
2015 Tyler Ellison Bob Dixon James Lennon
2014 Michael Palmisciano Al Garcia James Lennon
2013 Jonathan Hardie Al Garcia James Lennon
2012 Andoni Garcia Marcus Sneed Kent Lee
James Lennon
2011 Fred Strack Marcus Sneed Vic Enchelmayer
Ster Finley
Andoni Garcia
2010 Lucas Stauffer Bobby Brock Ryan Jordan
2009 Joe Garcia Bobby Brock Keith Pratt
David Hodges
2008 Tim Hissem Jeff Bostwick Joy Martin
Jared Ruekberg Keith Pratt
2007 Bobby James Jeff Bostwick Russ Strenk
Scott Oldenburg
2006 Bobby James John McHenry Scott Oldenburg
2005 Kenny Bostwick John McHenry Scott Oldenburg
Steven Swanson
2004 Brandon Guzik Pat Jordan Ron Schoenmehl
Scott Oldenburg
2003 Josh MacDermot Pat Jordan Sean Roy
2002 Jeremy Olaso Tom Hamlett Sean Roy
2001 Robby Contreras Tom Hamlett Darrell Watkins
2000 Bobby Brock Tom Hamlett Floyd Morstein
Jeremiah Prough
1999 Paul Olaso, Jr. Tim Malaney Floyd Morstein
1998 Ryan Jordan Tim Malaney Floyd Morstein
1997 Jared Lee Tim Malaney Floyd Morstein
Bobby Brock
1996 Jared Lee Mike Philbrook Floyd Morstein
1995 Shawn Mitchell Mike Philbrook Floyd Morstein
1994 James Oslie Mike Philbrook Floyd Morstein
1993 Leighton Ewens Mike Ewens Floyd Morstein