Meeting Information

Every month, the LEC meets at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of the month at Atherton Hall, 1207 Upas St. San Diego. Arrwomen can attend either in-person or on Zoom.

LEC Function

The Lodge Executive Committee (formerly known as the Council of Chiefs) consists of leading youth and adults in the lodge, including the Lodge Chief, Vice Chiefs, Secretary, Chapter Chiefs, Committee Chairs, the Staff Adviser, and the adult advisers for each of the youth LEC members. The Committee, led by the Lodge Chief, plans all lodge events and makes the necessary preparations for them. It disseminates important information to the chapters and ensures that they have adequate support in their programs.


The LEC meets every month, in a hybrid format where Arrowmen can attend either in-person or on Zoom, to conduct event planning and review chapter progress. These meetings are an opportunity for all lodge members to share input, receive information, and discuss issues relevant to the lodge. Chapter Chiefs will receive important information to pass on to their chapter members, while also exercising their power to vote on major decisions. 

All Arrowmen are welcome to attend the LEC meeting, even if they are not an officer. Attending is a good way to learn about how our lodge functions and how you can contribute.