Payment Options



You can pay your dues online with a credit card, or by use of a physical form turned in to Council Headquarters or at your chapter meeting.

Current Lodge Flap

Current dues are required to wear the lodge flap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dues?

Dues are $15 per Arrowman per year. 

When do my OA Dues expire?

​Our dues period is from 1 January to 31 December 2024.  If you go through your Ordeal this year, you will not need to pay dues until next year.

What if I haven't paid dues in a few years?

No problem.  We do not collect any back dues.  Just pay your current OA dues and your membership is considered active.

Why should I pay my dues?

By having your dues paid for this year, you are allowed to show your membership by wearing your OA sash and lodge flap. You are eligible to register for a number of Order of the Arrow events such as Conclave, Spring Encampment, Fall Fellowship, Lodge Banquet and much more!  You also will receive a copy of the Lodge newsletter via e-mail.  A portion of your dues goes to support both National OA programs and OA programs and events in San Diego-Imperial Council.

What are my dues used for?

Your dues money is crucial in supporting our lodge, our council, and the Order of the Arrow.  It gives us the ability to run enriching programs, fun activities, and service projects for the youth in our council.  The lodge may use money on such things as sending a lodge officer to a training program, or giving a chapter the resources it needs to run an exciting meeting.
Thank you for paying your dues.