Part of a song played at the 2016 Scout Fair.

Drummer and Dancer Awards

As a drummer or dancer, you have an opportunity to earn two of the lodge's rarest, once-in-a-lifetime patches!


Learn drumming and Powwow etiquette and traditions, and perform different styles of songs.


Compose an approved set of regalia, learn about regalia making and use, and perform on the lodge and section level.

Join the Drum Team or Become a Dancer!

Time: 6:30-7:30 PM
When: Every first Thursday of the month
Location: In the Hogan, Camp Balboa

No experience necessary!

The Tiwahe Lodge drum team is a group of enthusiastic youth and adults that meets once a month for practice in the Camp Balboa Hogan. Frequently taking on new members, they work constantly to improve their performance and expand their repertoire. The team and its dancers have been seen and heard at conclaves, chapter meetings, and numerous lodge events throughout our lodge's history.


Image from the first practice of the year
Image from the first practice of the year, 1/24/17


All Arrowmen are welcome to join in the practice sessions at any time throughout the year. Practice is very casual, and no uniforms are needed. You will be provided with music materials and will receive all the necessary training for drumming and dancing etiquette. Before long, you will be able to perform with the team at events and take a shot at the special awards offered for being a drummer or dancer.