Tiwahe Lodge Leadership

Tiwahe Lodge is run by a lodge chief, vice-chief, secretary, and treasurer. The elected youth officers are responsible for organizing and leading the various programs and activities of the lodge.

Other functions of the lodge are operated by youth committee chairs such as our website and service committees. Each committee chair works with an adult adviser appointed by the lodge adviser.

The lodge adviser is a BSA adult volunteer appointed by the Scout executive, and the lodge staff adviser is the council Scout executive or his designated council professional Scouter.

You may use the contact forms below to contact the Lodge Chief, Adviser, and the webmaster. To contact your chapter adviser, find your chapter.


Contact the Lodge Chief and Adviser

2020 Tiwahe Lodge Officers & Advisers

Lodge Chief:  Collin Sheffield

Lodge Adviser:  Kevin Burg

Vice Chief of Activities:  Damian Collins

Lodge Associate Adviser:  Tyler Ellison

Secretary:  Gabby McCarthy

Associate Lodge Adviser - Secretary:  Doris McCarthy

Treasurer:  Jack Johnson

Associate Lodge Adviser - Treasurer:  Greg Kwik

2020 Tiwahe Lodge Committee Chairs

Camp Promotions Chair:  Nollan

Camp Promotions Adviser:  Chris Cervantes

Ceremonies Chair:  Collin

Ceremonies Adviser:  Dennis Hunt

Communications — Website Chair:  Ethan Eschbach

Communications — Social Media Chair:  Juliana Murillo

Communications Adviser:  Chuck Dowe

Cub Scout Relations Chair:  Fredrick

Cub Scout Relations Adviser:  Susan Abernethy

Membership Chair:  Connor

Membership Adviser:  Jerry Ennis

Service Chair:  Chris

Service Chair Adviser:  John Ninteman

Elections Chair:  Bryan Bagnas

Elangomats:  Rachel Bagnas