Service Area:  Foothills District, Balboa District
Meeting Night:  Third Thursday of each Month
Meeting Time:  7 PM
Meeting Location:  San Carlos United Methodist Church, 6554 Cowles Mountain Blvd, San Diego, CA 92119

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Chief:  Ryan Van Monweirk

Chapter Vice Chief:  Taylor Griffiths

Chapter Advisers

Chapter Advisor:  Don Drzal

Associate Chapter Advisor:  Chuck Dowe

Facts about Shash-tsoh

  • The name Shash-tsoh is pronounced: shah-so.
  • The second "sh" and "t" are silent. According to chapter elders, the "t" in Shash-tsoh is always lowercase.
  • The chapter totem is the Grizzly Bear.
  • Shash-tsoh chapter has existed with the same name and roughly same geographical territory for over 30 years, longer than Tiwahe Lodge itself.


Pronunciation Visual Aid


Shah of Iran

Shash-tsoh = Shah + Sew