Chapter Meetings are held at various locations.  Find your chapter.


What are Chapter Meetings?

Once a month (usually on the 3rd Thursday) your local OA chapter will meet at a location generally accessible to all its members.  These meetings are similar to troop meetings, often containing an engaging activity that can be fun and educational.  Run by the Chapter Chief, this meeting is a place to discuss and prepare for the important functions chapters have throughout the year, such as conducting elections and training ceremony teams.  Important announcements are made about OA events, which is why it is important for OA members from every troop in each chapter to attend meetings regularly.

Chapter meetings are fun ways to meet friends who are just as enthusiastic about Scouting as you are.  Each meeting is an opportunity to learn something new, whether it be about the OA, Native American culture, or how to hunt with dogs.  OA Representatives are expected to attend all chapter meetings and relay information attained back to their troop, while also communicating their troop's needs to their chapter leadership.

Examples of Chapter Meeting Activities

  • Native American Crafts
  • Guest Speakers
  • Outdoor Games
  • Pool Party
  • Elangomat Training
  • Potluck for New Members
  • Drumming and Dancing
  • Field Trip (e.g. to a trampoline park)
  • Pool Party

Typical Business Conducted at Chapter Meetings

  • Announcements about Lodge and Chapter events
  • Troop Election and Camp Promotion planning, recruitment, and training
  • Ceremony Team recruitment
  • Award distribution
  • Dues collection
  • Recruitment for OA service activities
  • Opinion polling for Lodge decisions

Clan Meetings

If a chapter covers a particularly large geographical area, it may decide to hold clan meetings, separate from the main Chapter meeting.  These meetings will offer the same fun programs and essential information as a Chapter meeting, while being at a time and location convenient for their local members.  To see if your chapter holds a clan meeting near you, check with your chapter leaders.