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Induction Process


OA Unit Elections

Unit Elections are the first step in inducting new OA members. Read about what they are and how they are done.



Callout is an event when your local chapter goes to your Districts Camporee or goes to every troop in your District. Then when there they announce all the Scouts who have been elected to become Arrowmen. They then explain to them that they will be going on to an ordeal and explaining the date, location and other important information. The Callout tends to be a ceremony.


Induction Weekend

During Induction Weekend, a Candidate will go under challenges to prove that you are worth to join the Order of the Arrow. For as Allowat Sikama the mighty chief says, "membership is not only given for what you have done but for what you are expected to do in the Future". These challenges will continue to be tested through your Order of the Arrow career.



Learn how to complete your induction into the Order of the Arrow by becoming a Brotherhood member. View resources such as the Brotherhood Application, OA Obligation, Song, and more.


Candidate and Parent Letters





For Units


OA Troop Representative

An important communication link between the OA and troops is the OA Troop Representative Program.


Arrow of Light Crossover Ceremony

The OA conducts special Crossover ceremonies for packs that request it.



For Arrowmen



Dues must be paid annually to maintain active membership in the OA and attend all OA events. Please pay your dues to provide needed support for the lodge's activities, which go to benefit all scouts in our council.



OA Jump StartJumpstart is a place for new arrowmen to read and learn about the OA online. It will help you understand the Ordeal and prepare you for greater opportunities in the Order. Get your OA Handbook ready, you'll need it to get in.


Tiwahe Lodger

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3


Silver Arrowhead


Annual Events

Descriptions of the various lodge events offered each year including opportunities for training, service, and fellowship.


Order of the Arrow Grace

The official OA Grace to be used before meals.

For night alone that rests our thought
For quiet dawn that lights our trail
For evening fire that warms and cheers
For each repast that fuels our work
We give thanks, O Lord.



Lodge Function


Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are where OA members enjoy time together and share important information.


Lodge Executive Committee

A group of youth leaders supported by adult advisers is responsible for running the lodge. The LEC meets at 7:00 PM every 2nd Monday of the month in Atherton Hall, 1207 Upas St. San Diego.



Unique OA Activities


Drum & Dance Practice

Tiwahe's Drum and Dance team meets monthly to prepare for performances throughout the year.





Individual Awards

The lodge offers an array of individual awards as incentives for Arrowmen to get involved in their lodge and chapter.