Have an OA team do your Crossover ceremony!

One service the Order of the Arrow gives to local Cub Scout Packs is to hold Arrow of Light Crossover Ceremonies.  Arrowmen will congratulate recipients for their achievement, introduce them to the Scout Oath and Law, and welcome them to the Boy Scouts.

By creating a memorable experience for the incoming scouts, Crossover ceremonies conducted by the OA inspire them to become dedicated members of Scouting and to one day join the OA themselves.  Contact your Chapter leadership to schedule an appointment, and they will be happy to help you.

If you have any questions you can contact the Ceremony Advisor Mrs. Abernethy through this website. 

Arrow of Light Ceremony Request — Tiwahe Lodge

Please include the event details & we will connect the correct Committee Chair or Addvisor for your ceremony request.

Thanks for your interenst in Tiwahe Lodge.