Current Activities

Check the links below for forms and information about upcoming activities in the lodge. Registration may be done with a paper form or through online registration, if available. Dues must be current to attend any lodge event.




Save the Date: 1 October

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is the annual leadership training and planning session for the upcoming year. All newly elected Chapter and Lodge Officers and Advisers are expected to attend. This event is also open to all Arrowmen who would like to help plan for 2022-2023 and receive developmental training. Topics include: Vision/Goals/and Sharing Them; Building Relationships, Performing Effectively, Retaining Members, and Conversions.





Lodge 2022 Schedule

1 October: Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) — Camp Balboa
10 October: LEC — Atherton Hall
14-16 October: G13 Section Conclave— Longandale, Nevada
14 November: LEC — Atherton Hall
18-20 November: Fall Fellowship— Camp Mataguay
12 December: LEC — Atherton Hall