Current Activities

Check the links below for forms and information about upcoming activities in the lodge. Registration may be done with a paper form or through online registration, if available. Dues must be current to attend any lodge event.



Lodge Ordeal

Date: April 9th, 2021 — Time TBD

Tiwahe Lodge Arrowmen will gather to welcome new candidates into the lodge.



Lodge 2021 Schedule

9 Jan: Banquet — Virtual
9-11 Apr: Lodge Ordeal — MSR | Includes Vigil
30 Apr-2 May: Lodge Encampment — MSR
7 Aug : Scouting University
20-22 Aug: Chapter Ordeal — MSR
10-12 Sept: Chapter Ordeal — Balboa
24-26 Sept: Lodge Ordeal
15-17 Oct: Section Conclave
12-13 Nov: LLD/Fall Fellowship — TBD
8 Jan 2022: Lodge Banquet — TBD



COVID-19 Update

We will update the Activities Page with Upcoming Events, once we know how long we will be suspending the Scouting programming. Thanks for your patience and keep checking back for more information in the upcoming weeks.