Current Activities

Check the links below for forms and information about upcoming activities in the lodge. Registration may be done with a paper form or through online registration, if available. Dues must be current to attend any lodge event.



Section W6W Conclave

This year, Conclave will be hosted by the Papago Lodge via the virtual platform Zoom. Participants of Conclave will digitally meet with their peers from across the Section and will also get the chance to experience Native American culture, compete in various activities, and be a part of several shows and events.

For more information, follow the registration link below.




COVID-19 Update

We will update the Activities Page with Upcoming Events, once we know how long we will be suspending the Scouting programming. Thanks for your patience and keep checking back for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Tiwahe Lodge Ordeal

Dates: Sept 11-12 | Oct 2-3 | Oct 9-10
Location: Camp Balboa

The induction ceremony into the Order of the Arrow, called an "Ordeal", is the first step toward full membership. The Ordeal will challenge you, help you discover more about yourself, and strengthen you as a Scout. You must complete the Ordeal to become official members of the Order of the Arrow.

For more information about the events or Covid Safety procedures, follow the registration link below.



2020 Ordeal Candidate & Staff Guide



Lodge Brotherhood Ceremony

Ready to earn Brotherhood? If you completed the Brotherhood Application and have approval from your Chapter Chief or Adviser, then the next step is to complete a Brotherhood Ceremony to confirm your commitment and membership. You receive a new OA sash with two red bars flanking the arrow upon completion.

For more information, follow the registration link below.