COVID-19 Update

We are now into the Fall, and we are excited that our lodge events going forward will be held as in-person gatherings.  As always, we follow county, state, federal, and Scouting, BSA National for the latest guidance.  Additionally, all events will require the submission of form 680-102, BSA Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist at the time of registration. The form is below and can also be found in the Resources Link under Administration.  

BSA Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist



Arrowmen - Support OA!

​It is now time to pay your 2022 dues!​

2022 dues are here! They are still $15, plus a small processing fee if you pay online. This will maintain your membership as an Arrowmen though the 2022 year and help fund the lodge.




Tiwahe Lodge Arrowmen in Action



Upcoming Tiwahe Events

2022 Lodge Calendar

Visit our Lodge Activities page to mark down this year's gathering dates. See you there!



Website Updates​

Many parts of the website have been cleaned up to look or function better. If you have any suggestions to improve the website's functionality or appearance, message Tiwahe Lodge at the Contact page.