Duties of Chapter Officers

Chapter Chief

  1. Presides at all chapter meetings and events.
  2. Attends all Lodge Council of Chiefs Meetings.
  3. Provides chapter meeting minutes to Lodge Secretary monthly.
  4. Attends all Lodge activities.
  5. Has direct responsibility for all Chapter activities.
  6. Will direct his chapter to be active in all Lodge and Chapter Events.
  7. Submits articles to the Lodge Secretary for publication in the Lodge newsletter.
  8. Responsible for compiling and presenting the Chapter Annual Report to the Lodge Chief on time.
  9. Will conduct and coordinate all Chapter operation by means of the Chapter Council of Chiefs.

Chapter Vice-Chief

  1. Acts in the absence of the Chapter Chief.
  2. Has direct responsibility for ail Chapter brotherhood membership and activities.
  3. Has direct responsibility for all Chapter Camp Promotion and Service Projects.
  4. Responsible for analyzing and reviewing any dropped membership as of Feb. 1 of each year.
  5. Is responsible for informing the Chap.er of any meetings or events.

Chapter Secretary

  1. Acts in the absence of the Chapter Chief and Vice Chief.
  2. Shall keep accurate minutes for all Chapter meetings.
  3. Shall maintain accurate records of attendance at all Chapter events and meetings.
  4. Provides minutes and Chapter reports to the Chapter Chief for presentation to the Lodge Council of Chiefs.
  5. Is responsible for registration at al Chapter events.
  6. Maintain in quantity se! necessary forms and applications.
  7. Shall maintain an accurate membership roster.

Chapter Treasurer

  1. Shall be responsible for collection of all monies at all Chapter events.
  2. Shall maintain the Chapter Trading Post.
  3. Will maintain an accurate account of all items on consignment from the Lodge to the Chapter.
  4. Will provide a balanced deposit to the Chapter Chief for delivery to the Lodge Treasurer for deposit.
  5. Acts in the absence of the Chapter Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary.

From Tiwahe Lodge Constitution.