Privacy Statement

Certain forms and pages on our website request personal information. You are not required to submit any personal information that you would like to withhold. The information you provide will be used only by the Tiwahe Lodge and only for the purpose for which you submitted it.

To help us protect the privacy of our members, please do not duplicate any information or content without the express written permission of the Tiwahe Lodge, unless the following statement appears on the page: "Information on this page may be redistributed or duplicated as needed." That information may be used as needed by members of the Tiwahe Lodge and San Diego-Imperial Council.

A permission form, authorizing the publication of personal information (i.e., last name, phone number, email address, home address, photograph, etc.) of a minor (i.e., any youth under 18), must be provided before we can publish personal information on this web site. A Tiwahe Lodge Information Release Authorization form may be downloaded by clicking here. This form must be completed, signed by a parent or legal guardian, and submitted to our Webmaster or Tiwahe Lodge Staff Adviser. See Forms.

Completed Information Release Authorization forms are kept on file by the Tiwahe Lodge Staff Adviser. To review or update your Information Release Authorization form, please contact the Tiwahe Lodge Staff Adviser.