Tiwahe Lodge Goals
  1. Goals - Target Graphic The lodge will comply with all requirements in the current printings of the OA Handbook, Guide for Officers and Advisers, Field Operations Guide, Guide to Inductions, and ceremony books. The council has only one Order of the Arrow lodge organization.

  2. The lodge will experience positive growth in its membership.

  3. The lodge will induct a minimum of 30% of its eligible Ordeal members into the Brotherhood.

  4. The lodge will conduct one or more Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) courses with qualified instructors and use the current LLD materials (available at www.oa-bsa.org) to train lodge and chapter officers, lodge and chapter committee chairmen, and their advisers. Collectively, the LLD courses will be attended by a minimum of 75% of all members eligible to attend.

  5. The lodge will complete service projects for the council camp or service center, and a council-approved community service project. A written report for each project will be included in the lodge annual report. During the year, lodge members will contribute an average of three hours of service per person.

  6. After contacting each troop and team in the council, the lodge will conduct elections in every unit desiring an election. The election teams will be trained and all team members will be in proper uniform during each unit election.

  7. Following a review of the Order of the Arrow 2008 Ė 2012 Strategic Plan, the lodge Key 3 will meet with the council Scout executive to identify ways for the lodge to be more effective in cooperating and coordinating with council programs and events. The lodge calendar will permit members to actively participate in unit, district, and council events.

  8. The lodge leadership will actively participate in the development and implementation of the councilís plan for the promotion of the council camping, high adventure, and other outdoor programs. Working closely with district and council leadership, the lodge camping promotion committee will help establish and conduct promotional contacts to a minimum of 75% of the troops and teams in the council as of June 30, 2011.

  9. The lodge will contribute cash, materials, or both, to the council in an amount equal to at least $2 per lodge member.

  10. The lodge will submit a written annual report of accomplishments to the council executive board.

  11. The Lodge will make a minimum contribution of $1000 to the Councilís endowment fund.

  12. The Lodge Key 3 will meet at least 6 times during the year to discuss the progress of the lodge.

  13. The lodge will provide manpower, resources, and/or program assistance in support of the councilís Cub Scout outdoor program and Webelos transition to Boy Scouts.

  14. Within the last two years, two youth will attend a National Leadership Seminar and complete their contracts, and one adult will attend a National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar and complete the required discussion with the council Scout Executive.

  15. The Lodge will produce and distribute (by hardcopy, email, or lodge website) a minimum of four newsletters to its members and contribute articles to the councilís newsletter or website. Lodge websites conform to the councilís website policies.

  16. One youth member will attend a national OA high adventure program. A minimum of three youth and adult members will attend the section conclave.

  17. At least 5 lodge members will participate in Summit Corps and Indian Summer 2011.

  18. Progress to one dedicated OA Chapter per each district in the council.